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The 5th Dimension Healing & Spiritual Retreat

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Indiana, Loreto, Peru

Reviewed on May 29, 2019. #1 of 28 Reviews

We have visited the 5th Dimension in a group of 3 persons and all of us got absolutely different but undoubtedly unforgettable experience within the week of retreat.

Our expectations were totally shifted. The spot where the retreat is located is heavenly nice. The hosts and the staff were absolutely caring and very helpful. The ceremonies were beautiful and powerful at the same time. I have to mention specifically the food which was also unexpectedly varied and even delicious even though there was no salt and sugar.

As for the ceremonies itself I have nothing to compare with but they were definitely amazing and powerful. Today is the third day since we came back but we are still under the impression and it seems the medicine still works on a mental level.

I would suggest to add also the following herbal ceremonies and potions to make the whole experiences even more complete: Chiric Sanango, Mapacho and Ficus Insipida. From what I know they work incredibly perfect especially to be well prepared to Ayahuasca.

I can not express my gratitude, respect and love to Charlie, William and Tanya. Guys, I will come again for sure and will recommend your retreat center to my friends and other people we know, please add those potions to the daily dietary.

Always love, Alex.

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