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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on June 2, 2016. #1 of 240 Reviews

This place is not only about the medicine. It is the whole experience. The location, the people, the exchange workers, the Shamans, the weather, the workshops, and the founder Christine, she is an amazing person.

Firstly the location is safe, it is beautiful and green, and the air is clean. Coming from somewhere like London which is a busy and polluted city, the clean atmosphere in Gaia is healing enough just on it’s own. The land is big so you can take walks and have alone time in a completely safe setting if you wish. You can do some hiking, pick a good location to meditate or do yoga or even exercise. Nothing will beat the magical scenery of the clouds meeting the mountains, and the green view. It looks like a beautiful painting everywhere you look. Almost surreal. I traveled as a solo female and at no point did I feel unsafe. This is a very safe place to be, and remember that the director is a female who makes this place extremely safe for all women. You will see how women are appreciated and treated with respect here. So have no worries if you do as I traveled as a solo female.

The staff and exchange workers around are totally amazing, passionate and caring individuals. They are there to always help with a smile or just to have a great conversation with as all of them have experience with the plant medicine. From the moment you touch down in Gaia and until you leave they are all there for you.

Christine the director of the place is an amazing soul, teacher, and mother. Her vision, and purpose for building this retreat is for the bettering of humanity and this is reflected through everything at Gaia. She is at every ceremony, and is there to help with anything you are going through. Her talks, insights, lessons and workshops are mind blowing.

Now lets get to the medicine. The medicine is pure and the Shamans do no mix anything else into the medicine like other places may do. You meet the medicine at its purest form. It is powerful. Just remember to have your intentions ready to why you are taking this journey into consciousness in the first place and the medicine will give you the answers you need. All you need to do is have an open heart and don’t resist what it shows you. These medicines are amazing and powerful, presented to you with the old traditions. Remember to pay attention and pay the respect in preparation for the medicine in following the correct diet and be in a humble state before you meet the medicine. Life is way beyond what you think it is and the medicine will show you this.

Have you ever met anyone who balances professionalism, power, wisdom, humbleness, kindness, knowledge, and who can move you dimensions by singing? Well, you will do once you meet the shamans, and that is the least to describe them. They also have a great sense of humor too. When it comes to helping you, directing you, advising you and leading a great ceremony they do an amazing job. They also speak English too and they are so welcoming to have a conversation. They are willing to share some wisdom with you at any time you want.

Lastly, I have to add this as an animal lover; The dogs at the property are just beautiful and you will fall in love with them. You will make a ton of soul mates as you will experience this journey together. So keep an open mind and an open heart, be ready to learn, and to grow and you are in for the safest and most powerful journey of your life. My life is split into two: Before and After Gaia Sagrada.

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