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El Triunfo, peru

Reviewed on July 17, 2018. #1 of 33 Reviews

I have just completed my first ayahuasca experience after researching the subject for 6 years. I chose DAS because it was highly recommended by a well known journalist and documentary film maker Rak Razam.

The accommodations were simple and without the creature comforts that I am used to as a westerner. I am extremely grateful for this because the grounds are extremely peaceful and without distraction. My tambo was clean and comfortable and the jungle sounds lulled my to sleep each night like a Gaia lullaby. I got very deep sleep while I was at the center. The food was really simple which was great because after ceremony it was soothing on my tummy to have easy meals that were also yummy.

The staff was incredible and I felt looked after the entire time I was there. They kept the grounds safe and clean and the property had security 24/7. Upon arrival there was about a 30 minute walk through the jungle which was a great way to start my adventure. Keep this in mind so you wear appropriate shoes that can get muddy.

Percy Garcia is the Curandero and founder of the healing center. He is an amazing soul with a very spiritual presence. I participated in 5 ceremonies while at DAS and felt safe during each one. I witnessed all participants being extremely well cared for if they needed assistance such as help walking to the bathroom.

I had a very deep and transformative experience during my stay. The first ceremony was mild and seemed to be emptying my mind of the constant thought barrage that I experience day to day. I’ve been home 2 weeks and so far this is lasting… No more mind chatter or monkey mind! My second ceremony was the big one, I went to other dimensions and had a near death experience (ego death) that was so mystical in nature that I haven’t quite found the words to describe it yet. I felt like I went at least 7 dimensions away from this reality and in the end I was given a choice to come back. After that I experienced a deep healing. My 3rd ceremony was also transformative but less mystical. I stayed primarily in this dimension but my body had a spontaneous somatic release of 40 years of stored trauma. I had conformation of this when I returned home and my chiropractor agreed that my hips were no longer tilted and I could ditch my heal lift!!! This is because whatever trauma was stored in my hips had been released so I could let go of the emotional pattern that was keeping the hip tilted. Hooray! My final 2 ceremonies were mild as I told Percy that I was overwhelmed and he suggested a smaller dose. I had some aha moments during these and realized when and why I had cut myself off from relationships.

I will definitely be returning to DAS next summer for my another aya retreat. I’ve been home 2 weeks and feel strong mentally and I’ve been able to resume normal activities at home. I have been a bit tire 🙂

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