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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on March 22, 2020. #1 of 57 Reviews

I was at Pisatahua in February earlier this year, the first group in 2020. Below are some highlights from my time spent at the centre. Overall, I had an overwhelmingly positive experience. I am forever grateful to the group that attended, to Wayra our spiritual leader, to the staff on the grounds and lastly to Erik and his support. I would highly recommend a retreat at Pisatahua.

Background. prior to Pisatahua I had never taken Ayahuasca or anything like it. I had learned about the plant medicine years ago from friends and more recently through various sources that I follow related to self development and healing

My decision. Possibly like many of you, I came across countless other retreats offering similar programs. After researching, Pisatahua fit what I was looking for in a centre with respect to the feel and description of the program and the surroundings. My interaction with the team (and Erik) leading up to my registration gave me the confidence that this was the right choice for me — and it just felt right in my gut

First impressions. Exactly as I had imagined / expected based on my research and on my conversations with Erik. No (negative) surprises whatsoever. I can only say that everything met or exceeded my expectations

Our shaman. Wayra. Kind, patient, warm and experienced. There was nothing more that I could have wanted from him. We had an initial one-on-one before the first ceremony. This was followed up with group sharing each day after a ceremony. He always made himself available for additional one-on-one conversation if we needed. After the second ceremony, he adjusted my medicine by adding another plant to help with my journey. This was different from to other participants, who received a different adjustment based on their experience from the first 2 ceremonies. For me the addition during the third ceremony deepen my experience and I felt it was just what I needed. Aside from his work with the plant medicines Wayra is also a music teacher, and for me this added so much depth to the ceremonies he led because he incorporated wonderful musical instruments that complemented his chanting.

The other participants and facilities. I am so grateful to each and everyone of the other participants — thank you for being there with me and for me! We were a smaller group than the capacity at Pisatahua – in total we were 5. We had full access to all the facilities and all the trips that were available, including a jungle hike, a boat ride and other activities specific to our individual needs based on discussion with Wayra and our plant medicine journey.

The environment and surroundings. Beautiful. Stunning. Exactly as portrayed on the website — and definitely more grand in person. You will appreciate the details the centre has put into the facilities, as well the vibe from the surrounding communities.

In summary, I would describe my 10-days spent at the centre, including the ceremonies and the times of solitude available to us, an experience of this lifetime. I felt taken care of, and most importantly I felt safe. For me this feeling of safety is not a simple task, and yet it is so importance as I journeyed with Ayahuasca.

I hope you make the right and best decision for you. If you have any questions or concerns, I have no doubt that Erik will be able to help!

**Note: for me an Ayahuasca experience is a deeply personal journey, therefore I have intentionally left out details from the ceremonies and instead focus my review on aspects that I felt added to my time there, and how they made me feel**

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