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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on June 8, 2016. #1 of 110 Reviews

I did 2 retreats with the ECA in September and October 2015. The following is a review I wrote after the first retreat. 9 months later I continue on my journey that has accelerated after attending the retreats. By continuing the path set out for me from there my intentions have been realized and I continue with many of the practices and ideals I learned while I was with the ECA. They have all stayed with me more than they could ever know 🙂

My experience over the past 10 days at the Eagle Condor Alliance retreat has been one of self-growth, clarity and the beginning of my path of transformation. I am incredibly grateful to have had the courage and opportunity to come here, and to become part of the Eagle Condor family.
The mountain side setting is spectacular, refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating. It is a great place to reconnect to nature and appreciate the beauty of so much life existing in it. The accommodations are comfortable and assist in the healing process that occurs here. The food prepared by Samuel and Alejandro was delicious, nutritive, and prepared with pride and good energy. There certainly was no lack of food and I was well taken care of. The small group size was intimate and allowed for more focused healing from the healers.
I cannot say enough about or express the depth of my gratitude towards Hans-Peter, Jesse and Bobby. Firstly that they have chosen to dedicate their lives to the medicines and facilitate in bringing them to western society to help heal. Secondly that they have genuine intentions with the medicines and have chosen to support a path of ancient tradition in an emerging industry where it can be diluted. Moreover, the amount of hard work and support they provide on all levels before, during, and after the retreat to ensure your comfort, healing, and progress on your path is exceptional.
The decision to offer the unique mix of different ceremonies here is now obvious to me one of wisdom, and enabled powerful personal experiences to occur that I believe wouldn’t have happened without undergoing all 3 types of ceremonies. Gonzalo, the healer who provides the San Pedro and Temazcal ceremonies, is a man of wisdom, gratitude, and gentleness. His reverence for Mother Nature and all her elements integrated with his ceremonies are impactful and refreshing. Greison, the healer who provides the Yaje ceremonies, is an extraordinary and powerful human being. He originates from an ancient line of elders in the Colombian jungle and embodies their history and tradition. He is a master at what he does and it was an absolute honor to have met him and to have had his guidance in the ceremonies and in my healing.
I was excited, nervous, and fearful about undergoing this experience, but I am so grateful I had the courage to take that step forward and that things aligned so that I could take my first steps with ECA. If you want to heal this is the place to come, the family to join.

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