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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on October 6, 2014. #1 of 86 Reviews

I can?t say enough good about the Temple and the work of the Maestras/Maestros. I plan to return with my wife and both sons. I am hoping that my brother comes as well as my sister and her entire family. I plan to present to a group of medical people who study psychedelics, natural medicines, etc., about the Temple and its work. We met with Rak Razam last year, saw his movie Aya Awakenings and signed up for the Temple. We thought that we knew what we?d be getting into. His movie, although very good, doesn?t begin to address the amazing healing that goes on at the Temple.

My son went to the Temple to help cure him from MS and PML ? a disease brought on by the poisonous drugs used to treat MS. PML almost killed him (25% of people die, the remainder have all been left with debilitations ? My son is the first one to survive and recover). He lost movement in his left side, including the ability to speak, write, eat, and move his left side. He also came to help heal emotionally ? 4 years of MS and PML have left tremendous emotional scars on him. I came to support my son and, as a side benefit, perhaps heal my left thumb ? doctors told me that it was arthritis and gave me cortisone, for no benefit (a rather expensive, useless band aid). I knew that it was due to a blockage in my left side from a broken neck that occurred 21 years ago and was fused 12 years ago, the same time as a wound on my left thumb ? although no western doctor would listen to me. I also needed to heal from not only the 4 years watching my son struggle, but 6 years earlier, I had failed in a business (my first time to fail) and had lost all my money (thankfully nothing else). We had high expectations. When we arrived, we consulted with the Maestras/Maestros and told them everything. They prescribed the plant medicines and massages. What we received far exceeded our expectations. We are both healed ? not just symptoms masked, but healed. My thumb is better than it has been in years and continues to improve. Suy massaged my back and ?cracked? it better than any chiropractor has ? without any violent twisting. I could feel the energy moving through my left side for the first time in 21 years. My son’s MS and PML are a thing of the past (he has more testimonial of his own). Our emotional healing went way beyond what we expected. Our relationships with my wife and my other son have improved tremendously. We feel peace like we haven?t felt in years ? many years. We feel well, positive, and look forward to the future. I am bringing my wife, and hopefully my oldest son, back to the Temple next year. I have already recommended it to my brother and my sister and her family (my sister is already planning on attending with her husband and children). Coming to the Temple has been a lifesaver. The immense physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is astounding and no material, no movie, or no testimonial prepared us for what we received. I thank you all for being and for what you have done for and given us. You are the best.

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