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Feather Crown

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Quito, Ecuador

Reviewed on October 31, 2019. #1 of 8 Reviews

The retreat at Feather Crown is absolutely amazing. Between meeting amazing people who want to heal and become their best version, in search of something much deeper than the shallow facade of society, and the friendly, caring, and dedicated staff, AND the serene and peaceful oasis that became like a second home that I never wanted to leave, I must say I was beyond satisfied with my experience on this wonderful and fun filled journey. The facilitator, Jan, is clearly very serious about helping people along their experience with plant medicine, and when you listen to him talk about the different plants, animals, and natural occurrences in the rainforest, you can feel that he truly is in his comfort zone and that it is truly his calling. Beautiful spirit that one. Omar, a staff member who did not speak much English, was very warm and inviting, always gentle with us helping us during ceremonies and just a beautiful soul to experience. The food was very delicious and so healthy in the best way. It encouraged me to continue forward with a clean and balanced eating style of mostly pescatarian nature. The Shaman, Don Carlos, did not speak English, but also was caring and very experienced. He shared stories and experiences about himself that were reassuring, and almost soothing regarding safety concerns and trusting the process of the healing and the spirits that helped him, and us, throughout the ceremonies. The rooms that were like wooden huts we stayed in were very clean, comfortable, and cozy. The bathrooms were also very clean. There is a beautiful sacred river just a few yards away from the retreat. The hiking experience was informative and grounding. The waterfall experience was surreal and I captured as much photos as I possibly could. I’d definite recommend any and everyone interested in this amazing plant to visit Feather Crown. You will be well taken care of and there is so much beauty all around. Please keep in mind that having a psychedelic experience has nothing to do with type of ayahausca or the “strength”. There is no such thing. Your experience will be based on your own level of openness or heightened senses. Some people see things and some people don’t in the same ceremony drinking the same brew. Thanks so much to Feather Crown for having me!

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