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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on March 28, 2020. #1 of 57 Reviews

The nature, the people, really the whole experience from the very beginning was nothing but a positive and uplifting. Erik was very prompt and answered all questions I had and Wayra is such an incredible healer and human being. Made memories that will last a lifetime! I found the retreat through a friend and we planned on going together but in the end I ended up going solo and so happy I did because I really bonded with the small group of other attendees. It also gave me more of an opportunity for diving into more self reflection which I did, also worked through some old trauma and phyaical chronic health conditions. I feel like it was a giant reset button for me physically, mentally and emotionally. Now that I’m back home and adjusting to city life again, I still hold the memories of the ceremonies close and still receiving the lessons learned and finding it helping me in my daily life and routine. Was totally everything and more that I could ever ask of a retreat centre and if I feel like the medicine calls me again, I know where I’m going!

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