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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on December 14, 2018. #1 of 107 Reviews

Nimea Kaya Healing Center is a special place! I spent two years doing research about Ayahuasca and possible retreat centers in Peru. I wanted to have an authentic Ayahuasca experience something true to the traditional ways of taking the medicine. After two years of research, I decided that form all the reviews and feedbacks that I read that Nimea Kaya would be it. I attended a 9 day retreat with 4 ceremonies that was truly life changing. The Shamans were the real deal true Shapipo Shamans with opens hearts and well versed in the healing properties of the jungle. Besides the immense healing that happened to me on a spiritual level my physical body got a much needed detoxification that put years back on my life. The accommodations were pleasant and very ecological which was a big plus for me. The facilitators were all very experienced and extremely compassionate. Never once during the 9 days did I feel unsafe. The staff as well as the other participants were all very warm and friendly. From my experience this center attracts some wonderful human beings some that I keep in touch with now and consider friends. The property is beautiful and feels like you are in the heart of the amazon even though you are not. The food is a vegetarian diet locally grown and is wonderful especially the bean burgers . If you never have eaten vegetarian this is a good diet to try during this experience and they do a great job of making tasty food. There was a wonderful art fair on the last day were local artist came and sold there ayahuasca inspired art which was a nice touch to take home. Im writing this review because I truly feel if your consideration taking ayahuasca you should know that safety is a big consideration and this center is a safe place where you can have the healing or experience your looking for. I recommended it to a girlfriend of mine from Germany who went by herself two months after I went and also had an incredible time. I would have never recommended it to a friend let alone a female friend traveling alone from across the world if I didn’t believe it was safe. I hope my reviews helps you on your journey. Good luck

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