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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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Spirit Vine, Itacare, BA, Brazil

Reviewed on September 15, 2019. #1 of 160 Reviews

If you are reading reviews at this website, you would seem to be making an effort to be mindful regarding the choosing of a retreat center. You should be mindful as the full range of quality is possible, from very good to very bad. I have attended retreats at several centers in Brazil and Peru and Spirit Vine stands head and shoulders above the rest. I recommend you do your due diligence, carefully research the possibilities based upon what you want and then choose Spirit Vine. Here are three questions I encourage you to consider.

How do I know what is in the medicine I will be drinking? At Spirit Vine the plants (Caapi Vine and Chacruna) are grown onsite and ceremonially brewed with NO add mixtures. The medicine is clean and strong. Period.

Will I feel safe? At Spirit Vine you will not only feel safe, you will feel pampered. The campus is within the Mata Atlantic Rainforest, beautifully landscaped and includes comfortable bungalows, lagoon, an amazing Temple, massage room and “restaurant” that serves high quality, Ayahuasca diet friendly vegan and vegetarian fare. Special dietary requests are considered upon request such as gluten free, etc. All of this provided with the non-profit center.

Do the staff know what they are doing? The answer at Spirit Vine, is that staff clearly know what they are doing. Lead by Silvia Polivoy, formerly trained as a psychologist who has spent considerable time with shaman, using many medicinal plants. The combination of education and practice in clinical psychology with decades of experience with medicinal plants as well as facilitating retreats gives participants access to an unique set of skills. Activities are designed to help you open up to the possibilities arising in ceremony. Ti O and Noor are there to assist with every imaginable request while housekeeping and the chef’s make you feel pampered. There are other delights like massages, yoga, trip to nearby beaches on the Cacao Coast of Bahia and if you choose, after the retreat to the charming surfer town of Itacare, Brazil.

I have now attended four retreats at Spirit Vine and hope to return again as I view it as Sacred Ground, and I am agnostic!


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