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Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on March 17, 2017. #1 of 123 Reviews

Take away all the hype about swinging dumbells in the middle of the jungle and traveling to Machu Picchu, and Ricardo Amarigno is the shaman you want to work with. He’s the shaman recommended by Dennis McKenna, so what else can you possibly want? Also if fight-or-flight is what you’re trying to treat, I don’t know if engaging in exercises that put your sympathetic system in the state of overdrive and take a shot at your adrenal glands is really what you want to be doing.

There’s a reason why most reputable Ayahuasca retreat centers have traditionally chosen the Shipibo path of grounding. Ayahuasca ceremonies wipe you out. So if you’re really committed to the process and to the plant-based diet, you’re not going to have any energy within you to do American swings in the middle of the rainforest (to those of you who are still caught up in the battle of egos and want to test the validity of this statement, I’ll leave you with this bit of information: I’m a crossfit girl, I’ve competed in crossfit competitions, and this comes from a place of genuine concern for others’ wellbeing as opposed to being a marketing strategy). If you actually commit to emotional healing the 1-2 weeks you spend in Peru, your physical fitness and performance at the gym will soar when you’re back. Part of the healing experience involves showing love, patience, and kindness to your physical body. During my days off from Ayahuasca, I just wanted to curl up somewhere with a good book or good people. And all of the people I was surrounded by were such beautiful, caring, kind, and supportive souls! I owe a lot of my healing progress to the love and compassion they’ve shown me.

Nihue Rao is a great center! The diet was perfect and went really well with the plant medicine – the results that followed my Ayahuasca ceremonies were mind-blowing!! I kept having one breakthrough after another. What I loved the most though was the fact that there was so much more to my retreat at Nihue Rao than the Ayahuasca ceremonies!! We were taught by beautiful Cvita and Markus how to paint, heal ourselves, and how to integrate our Aya-wisdom into our lives back home. Plus, Ricardo Amaringo comes up with a specific master-plant diet for every single one of the passangers :)! So in addition to having Aya in my system, I was on Pinon Blanco :). I brought back a leaf with me and keep it on my night stand.

This final message is specifically for Dan Cleland. While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Pulse Tours, I did not appreciate that as someone who’s worked with “Ricardo Amaringo, the Canadian artist, and a U.S. MD” before, in your book you didn’t even once bother to specify the last name of the shaman you had beef with and had to “throw out of your property.” You can’t just slam someone publicly without even specifying their last name! Mentioning your shaman’s last name would have been the right thing to do instead of making many gringos who have little clue about what they’re getting themselves into, question the integrity of a very famous, professional, talented, honest, and hard-working shaman like Ricardo Amaringo.

To everyone else who’s read Pulse Tours and is concerned, please know that Dan’s Ricardo isn’t Ricardo Amaringo. In fact, Ricardo Amaringo owns Nihue Rao and Dan Cleland actually used to work for him in the past (not the other way around). Nihue Rao IS one of the safest healing centers!! In fact, when I was having a really rough time during the ceremonies & struggling from a lot of physical pain, Ricardo chose to work with me one on one out of the goodness of his heart: he cleared all the darkness I’ve been carrying around and he healed me!! And I’ve never felt the safest in my life!
Thank you so much to everyone at Nihue Rao!!

I’ll be going back, and I’ll go back only to Nihue Rao :).

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