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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on February 15, 2019. #1 of 55 Reviews

We took part in a retreat at the Pisatahua retreat in the jungle and fell in love with the place. The Center is made out of wooden cabins in the lush jungle in front of the most beautiful lake. Every night you get the most stunning sunset on this peaceful lake.

They offer retreat programs in which you can do some yoga, meditation, help in the permaculture projects and learn about local medicines from the jungle. It is a great opportunity to both work on yourself and visit the natural surroundings. They offer walks in the jungle, boat trips on the lake and visits to local communities. The general schedules are flexible and respectful of the time you need for yourself.

The staff is so kind and loving that you feel as part of the family as soon as you meet them. This place is everything you can dream of if you want to take a break from society and city life. You will enjoy being in the nature with amazing and inspiring people and work on yourself.

I would highly recommend going to Pisatahua if you are looking for a little heaven in the Bolivian jungle. It is a special experience that you won’t regret!

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