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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on December 5, 2019. #1 of 57 Reviews

Going to Pisatawa is giving your self the chance to have a deep and wonderful experience in a truly beautiful place in the Amazonian Jungle.

In my experience with Ayawaska, I’ve tried different places and Chamans or Taitas. Pisatawa has been the most intense and also beautiful of these experiences. I feel that there is something special about the place, that helps you to conect with nature, the jungle and spirituality in a wide sence.

The guides here share you a lot of their knowledge about Andean cosmovisión and philosophy.
The place has all the confort you need. And the special thing of this retreat is the diet:
-Natural products only, a cleansing diet based on rice, oats and quinoa, complementary medicinal plants, coca leaf readings, personalised guidance, small groups of arround 10 people.

We did walls trough the forest, to visit some truly magical places and old huge trees.
The cabins have a wonderful view of the lake, and people there is really nice.

This trip is what you are looking for if you want to disconnect from the world and reconnect with your self and nature. totally worth it.

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