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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on November 6, 2018. #1 of 40 Reviews

I took part in a week-long Ayahuasca Retreat with Blue Morpho in September. In short, it was at times scary but amazing, and if you are considering this evolutionary step to transform your life using Ayahuasca, I cannot recommend Blue Morpho highly enough.

Blue Morpho’s shamans are amazing people, inside and outside the ceremonies. Their open-heartedness, kindness, wisdom and professionalism at all times of day was inspiring and caused many of us to have little breakthroughs both in and out of ceremonies. Ayahuasca is powerful stuff, at times you might be facing your deepest fears or trying to free from most held-on convictions, so you’ll want to be in the hands of someone you can trust to the moon and back. Blue Morpho team I would go with until the end of the Universe! For me the ceremonies were very powerful, but it was the conversations with the group and with shamans during the week that helped unpack a lot of the meaning of this new world I was discovering.

Facilities, food and every detail about the experience has been thought through and refined to perfection over the years. The property is gorgeous, the four rooms in each bungalow are huge and comfortable, the ceremony house and main house are wonderful places to hang out, there is a lake (and soon a pool) to chill around in a hot day, there are also jungle trails where it’s neat to walk. Every small detail is in place, from the laundry getting done, to the time when lantern batteries are replaced for the night, from until when biscuits and tea are served, to the myriad of ways you can get help and support during the ceremony.

And the food is heavenly, fresh buffet every morning and lunch which both vegans and meat-eaters find amazing. It is so tasty you won’t even notice the restrictions (no sugary foods, no pork). I also want to highlight the daily schedule. There is an optional activity or two each day, which usually have to do with short walks in the jungle, planting or making ayahuasca, (very helpful) group discussions, or getting a massage.

When the week is over, you’ll have the amazing time of “normalization” when you may see very sharply the differences between the “pre-retreat you” and the “post-retreat you” in everyday activities. You’ll have become different, and will integrate these new learnings into your life during the next 3-6 months. I did not consider myself spiritual before this experience, but it did not matter, since Ayahuasca and the “Blue Morpho method” would work anyway. I went with my wife and was slightly worried about it since intimacy is forbidden (it’s harmful to the process), but was very happy about it, since we were great support for each other, and it would have been so difficult to convey to her the experience otherwise.

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