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Shamanic Vida

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+51 937440528

Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on September 9, 2018. #1 of 69 Reviews

I have no words enought to thank you Pacco and Chrissy. They are absolutly beautiful souls and a wonderful people; in constant learning and preparing. I joined twice Ayahuasca ceremonies in Shamanic Vida this year, first in march and the last one 4 days ago, i can say both were Perfect! i came with them since last year because of i had (yes, now it is past) problems with my knees (rheumatoid arthritis). Pacco provided me 3 Kambo ceremonies, rapé and temazcal and all his love and knowledge to help me and guide me in this life. Everytime i visit them dont want to leave, and that is a thing that also feel and felt all people/friends/relatives that i introduce(d) them…You can feel the plants/and medicine throught them, it is so powerfull and magical, exactly how the Universe works, right?
In spite my first close to sacred plants was in 2016, it is just with Pacco and Chrissy that i really found more that i could imagine, i have never felt scared, they always take care ourself, you feel safe and calm to prepear yoursef before during and after each ceremony. I am glad to met them, besides their beautiful Liana daugther and “Mini” the lovely peruvian hairless dog. They are the family you should met

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