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Shamanic Vida

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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on June 8, 2016. #1 of 69 Reviews

I will recommend Shamanic Vida to many of my friends for the reasonable price, high quality, and exceptional experience, not to mention the cleanliness. I enjoyed every minute of the six days I spent in the jungle. They all were caring and personable to myself and the others. They personally escorted us from the city and then into the more remote jungle.
We were on the ayahuasca diet, but there were a few surprising meals of fresh fish and yuccas. Sans any seasoning, but it was really great energy. The breakfasts were pretty good too, I think it has changed me for the better to see I dont need meals saturated with dressings and seasonings.
There were three ayahuasca ceremonies and one san pedro ceremony. I felt cared for and secure in all of the ceremonies. I cannot say I was afraid for even a moment. Still finding it hard to believe I traveled all the way to the jungle to take this brew that induced vomiting, visions, and a complete life change.
Here I am, to tell other people about this, if you can make it to Peru go see them at Shamanic Vida. This is the best advice I can give anyone.

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