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Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Centre

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+51 930 213 315

Carr. Iquitos-Nauta, Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on July 18, 2019. #1 of 36 Reviews

I spent 11 days at Caya Shobo, and I cannot recall a better week and a half of my life.

I was introduced to the centre through earlier ceremonies with Miguel (one of the shamans there), and felt confident that it would be worth my while, but the experience still exceeded my expectations.

It is a quick (about 40m) and enjoyable (albeit a little bumpy) tuktuk ride from the airport, but despite this convenient distance, when you arrive at the centre you still get the atmosphere of being deep within the jungle, far from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The physical space and buildings are arranged in an easy-to-navigate setup, and the buildings and paths are very much integrated with the natural forest around.

The staff and volunteers are impeccably polite and helpful. The food is delicious as well as healthy and diet-friendly. Alongside the intriguing wild critters and exotic jungle plants, several cuddly cats roam the premises to keep it free of undesirable pests.

The rooms are simple and minimalist, yet undeniably hospitable and welcoming. If possible, try to book a private tambo to really merge with the jungle when you sleep.

The organizers’ proficiency is clear in their scheduling of daily activities and events – there is just enough to keep boredom at bay, but with enough spacing for you to still get all the time you need for rest, self-reflection, and to bond with the attendees if you desire.

And most important of all are the ceremonies. While I’m not qualified to assess the relative skill of various shamans, I can say that the effect the healing ceremonies had on me was nothing less than astounding. While I won’t go into personal details, I can honestly say that before my experience with these Shipibo masters, I was wholly unaware that any process, chemical, or technique could help my mental health improve so completely in such a short period of time.

Not only do they create an incredible experience the maloka during ceremony nights, but the plant medicine experts are highly approachable and willing to share their knowledge, as long as you are respectful of their time.

To me, this was a slice of paradise, and I cannot wait to return (there is no question in my mind I will be back again).

I’d give it 6 stars if I could.

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