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São Bento, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reviewed on April 4, 2020. #1 of 15 Reviews


A slice of heaven on earth.
I sit looking, hearing, feeling,
caught in the web of life.
Undisturbed by the ceaseless
roar of human noise.
Listening to the sounds of the jungle
as the birds sing and
the frogs drum and
the spring water flows.
Our ears and eyes are full
as we are cradled in the web of life.
Here we are bound
by the light of the sun and moon,
dancing in the rhythms of nature.

Where better to drink natures medicine? TerraMaya with her beauty and purity supports the medicine in you as you accept the gift of transformation that plant medicine is here to give you.

Millie Moonstone is the resident musician and caretaker of TerreMaya. As a classically trained professional musician her music provides an indelible richness to every ceremony. Millie has been offering musical workshops and providing her transcendental music in plant ceremonies for many years. Her workshops are for musicians and non-musicians who simply want to explore their potential musical expression. Millie is a master at helping people to build their musical confidence and abilities.

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