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San Pedro Workshops

Listed in San Pedro (Huachuma)

Lentag, Ecuador

Reviewed on January 15, 2019. #1 of 72 Reviews

After a somewhat negative experience with Ayahuasca, I was concerned that perhaps I could not be helped with plant medicine and it was not for me.

I am so glad that I heard about San Pedro and Steve’s retreat in Ecuador.

From the beginning, Steve was very positive and helpful to sooth my fears and concerns. He told me San Pedro is a gentle, but powerful medicine and he was 10000 percent correct.

I had a very beautiful time at their retreat and with the medicine. I tend to have some anxiety with male energy, but spending time with Steve and Samay set me at ease and I was able to feel safe, comfortable and supported. Those are not always easy things for me to feel. They really do provide a ‘safe space to feel what you need to feel’.

The medicine itself was more powerful than I imagined it would be, yet at the same time more lovely and gentle than I could of hoped. After trying Aya, I have to admit I was terrified to sit with San Pedro. All of my fears were completely unfounded and I had amazing, insightful journeys that I have already found valuable and useful in improving the relationships that matter most to me.

After sitting with San Pedro, I would never ever return to Aya as a medicine. Suffering is a choice, and for me, this was a way to access the same work without the suffering. I want to learn things the beauty way.

Thank you again to the team at San Pedro Workshops for the beautiful experiences, amazing journeys, delicious food, and profound insights. I hope to return again soon and spend time with this wonderful family, in a beautiful place with this amazing medicine.

I would recommend it for anybody.

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