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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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593-93-934-2737 outside Ecuador, 093-934-2737 inside Ecuador, +593985904836 Whatsapp

Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on December 7, 2014. #1 of 240 Reviews

Gaia Sagrada is perfect. I stayed here because i prefered going to Ecuador instead of Peru. The price seemed really fair, and I was excited to try ayahuasca as well as San Pedro. I got a private room at Casa Tranquilo which was nice. Small room, but very cozy and private, for when you need a break from it all. The ceremonies take place over about 10 days, every other day basically. 2 ayahuasca ceremonies, and 2 san pedro ceremonies as well as a sweat lodge where you may combine both plants. The ceremonies were led by medicine men and women as well as by christine the host of gaia sagrada. all were excellent spirit guides in healing. i was truly touched by everyone. Santiago, Salvador, Christine, and Sofia and her daughter Sol. what a magical and eye opening experience. if you feel called to do this, heed the call. you are being called for a reason. fear not. you won’t regret it. gaia sagrada takes place on 55 acres of Andean mountains. lush green forested land with gardens. serene and peaceful. inspiring. everything felt right. food is all vegetarian. between the vegetarian diet and purging during ceremonies, i lost 13 pounds in 12 days! we had 24 people in our crew which i think is a full house. men and women from all over the world. and all ages too. i think the youngest lady was 22, and some men and women were in their 60s. all in all an experience for the ages, wisdom and teachings that will inspire for a lifetime. i highly recommend it! hope this review helps you find what you are looking for.

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