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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on February 18, 2019. #1 of 56 Reviews

We attended our first Ayahuasca retreat at Pisatahua in January 2019 and it was an incredible experience.
The location:
It is a truly amazing place in the heart of a protected reserve 1,5 hours by car out of Riberalta on the shores of a beautiful Amazonian lake.
The huts are clean, comfortable and spacious with spectacular views of the lake and the forest.
The maloka is impressive especially during the ceremonies and the sounds of the jungle are the perfect background for this kind of experience.
We got to do jungle walks and boat rides on the lake which were beatiful.
Something one needs to consider is that this is a plant medicine retreat and not a jungle lodge so you will probably not be going to encounter heaps of wildlife as you will need to focus on the medicine.
Erik, the founder, is very present even tho he’s not living on site and he came to our hut many times to speak and make sure everything was going well, we really appreciated this!
The experience:
As everyone we had many expectations for the retreat starting from the medicine to the shaman, from the group to the food.
When we arrived we met the other participants and only with a few of them we could find an immediate feeling but then we realized we were there for ourselves and not for the other people and we had to concentrate only on ourselves.
Being a solid couple at the beginning we were afraid of doing this experience as we thought it could put somehow into discussion our relationship.
The goal is to think about yourself and don’t have to worry about your partner because he or she’ll be fine.
The energy that surrounds you will be so strong that it will connect you on a higher level.
We gathered many information on the website and the first thing that surprised us was that the shaman was not one of those we expected but fortunately he was perfect and highly knowledgeable despite his young age.
The second thing that surprised us (and made us a bit disappointed) was the diet as it was absolutely not varied as advertised but this is something that our shaman decided for the best of the whole experience.
Let’s come to the ceremonies which were absolutely amazing, well explained both Spanish and English and we always felt the strong presence of the shaman and his helper.
Everyone experiences the medicine in their own mind and body and the strength doesn’t only come by the potency of the medicine but by your spirit, energy and commitment you dedicate to it.
For us after 2 ceremonies we realized we reached what we were looking for and we didn’t need the other 2 ceremonies but we needed to stay with the group until the end of the retreat because the medicine will keep on working on you day after day.
This experience taught us a lot and from being a couple that didn’t believe in marriage we decided to get engaged during the retreat, this is only one of the things that this kind of experiences can move in you.

We definitely recommend this retreat center that is growing and in the future will be even better also we chose this centre because it funds volunteering and conservation projects.
Bolivia is a place where shamanism is still something conserved by the communities and Riberalta is simply not touristic at all.

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