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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on September 15, 2019. #1 of 56 Reviews

Life will give you sweet, salty, bitter and spicy experiences – embrace them all.

This important lesson was taught in unforgettable way by the pier on the last day before the juicy, diet-ending breakfast. Wara, a shaman, curador, a healer, a singer, a mother, a light being guided the journey through this 10-day reformation. I am blessed to be guided to take part to this exquisite journey down to my depths.

Me being a first-timer taking part to Ayahuasca retreat, coming to the center with many thoughts, I am happy to say I was greeted with love in Pisatahua Retreat Center for Holistic Medicine. Organizing of Plant Medicine Retreat runs smoothly and you can focus on your deep work.

Don’t worry, you paying a visit to Pisatahua Ecolodge, will go for good – you are guaranteed for that. You can be certain this is a center that takes care of you, other people and nature with kind, understanding heart. This organization is aiming for to make a positive social impact and works hard protecting the surrounding unique environment and its people.

I am giving five stars to Pisatahua Retreat Center of Holistic Medicine because I felt safe, loved, guided, taken care of not only me but also the environment and most of all I felt inspired. I want to give thanks to participants on Plant Medicine Retreat July 2019 who also made it all possible. Thank you to my retreat family, you are all beautiful.

All my gratitude to Wara, Erik and Sasha, Sara and all the people joining, helping, working and volunteering in the community.

Forget about egoistic self-seeking journey, you came here to share, learn and grow together inside and outside of maloka. You came here to learn to give.

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