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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on December 17, 2018. #1 of 107 Reviews

I have been to Nimea Kaya twice on April 2016 and September 2017 and my experience has been amazing. The healing center is conveniently located not too far from Pucalpa and from the time I got picked up by the facilitators at the airport, I felt the warmth, kindness and love the like you get from old friends and family members. The healing centre is well structured and eco-friendly. The Shipibo staff cooked for us delicious food ( I am italian and I love my food and had the most amazing vegetarian food EVER!)the facilitators helped us with morning and afternoon grounding exercises,
Jill and Casey have always been there to support and answer any questions. To me the main 2 core moments of the 9 days retreat were, of course, the 4 ceremonies were I have been guided and taken care of by 4 amazing shamans ( Augusto and Ercillia in the 1st and 3rd ceremony and Diodemero and Rosenda in the 2nd and 4th ceremony) and their incredible icaros and by the 6 facilitators whom are true human angels whom took care of us through the 7-8 hrs ceremony with dedication and pure love… I can not describe enough the kindness and professionalism of the NK staff and the overwhelming greatness of the shamans. I felt safe and in good hands all the time during the 9 days so I also decided in my second trip to Nimea Kaya to bring my wife. The 2nd key part for me was the integration sessions which are held the following day of the ceremony where everybody is free, if they want, to share the experience… no judgment, no ego, just pure compassion and openness in listening to everybody’s experience…. just amazing…I cannot recommend this place enough really… you are in the middle of the jungle, with local shamans, professional staff that takes care of you in an eco friendly center where they feed you with good food and makes you brew your own Ayuhasca… what else would you want?….it is a truly transformational experience from a mind, body and spiritual point of view. I bless the day I crossed path with Jill, Casey and the Nimea Kaya team. I am going to go back….Thanks Nimea Kaya!

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