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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on June 9, 2019. #1 of 56 Reviews

My experience at Pisatahua for the Ayahuasca retreat was great. I went two times to the Peruvian jungle for Ayahuasca ceremonies and this was my first time in Bolivia.
In every retreat I had different experiences. At Pisatahua the diet is very strict which I liked because it’s a kind of total commitment to Mama Ayahuasca. The medicine was less concentrated as it was in Peru, some like this more because the taste is not that bad but you have to drink more. I personally like it more if the medicine is more concentrated but that’s only because of the taste, not because the medicine would be less powerful, no very strong as well. Wayra the healer is a very nice, modest person, quite young, mid thirties I believe and who learned about the plants of his grandfather. He’s very committed and want to help people, spent a lot of time with us. Gave good and extensive explanation of the ceremonies, what to expect of the medicine. He also gave us a tobacco ceremony and personal coca leave reading which was quite interesting as well. Pisatahua is located in the Aquicuana Lake Reserve. The area is fabulous, each tambo is at the lakeside, when you’re relaxing in your hammock you overlook the lake, a perfect setting to get your mindset in the right modus and to work on your personal issues. Erik and his wife are the founders and doing a great job with their sustainable Bolivia projects. They are both very, very nice people and dedicate their lives on helping others. Whether it is people from overseas coming for the medicine, the indigenous people living in the reserve by helping them to make a living, helping their kids going to school or doing volunteer work at the orphan house in Riberalta. Chapeau for what they are doing, great respect. Pisatahua is a place you can go safely, they sincerely want to help people, they’re not in the game for money and take their responsibilities very serious. Riberalta is not that busy and noisy place like Iquitos, Peru. So if you’re looking for a quiet place to stay some days before and/or after the retreat, try Riberalta. And Erick can help / recommend you where the stay and where to eat. I wish Erik and his wife all the best and hope Pisatahua will welcome many more guests.

Rainforest Healing Center

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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on July 18, 2017. #1 of 48 Reviews

I did two Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Netherlands and two in Portugal. In June this year I went for the first time to Peru to do a ten day Ayahuasca retreat with 5 ceremonies at RHC Chakra Alegria.
Both, Netherlands and Portugal, was a nice experience for me but only after Peru I really understand what Ayahuasca can do for you and how powerful this medicine is. It is comparing amateur football with Champions League!
RHC wants to heal people and that’s why they will only accept maximum 8 guests so that every person can get the full attention of the manager, it’s staff and the Shaman.
The location is perfect, each Tambo stands alone while they’re spread over the property. A bucket shower is like a blessing, your day will start happy! Because of the more than 120 plants on the domain, the water is from an unheard quality, your hair will feel softer, your skin looks better.
It’s not easy to prepare a good and delicious meal with the restrictions of the Aya diet but at RHC they manage to do so, food is of good quality and it is tasty.
I want to say once more: ‘Thank you very much Murielle’
Murielle is the manager at RHC and she is a fantastic person, dedicated her life to help others.
She travelled throughout the world, has passed her exam at the University of Life Cum Laude and in my opinion, that makes her the perfect person to run RHC and help the guests.
The Shaman was not only a nice person but also very professional, His brew was of high quality and he led the ceremonies in a very good way. Once the ceremony is finished, between midnight and 1 am, everyone sleeps in the Maloca, the Shaman and one of the staff will sleep there as well, so they will not leave you alone. As you can see at RHC they really care about you!
The rest of the staff and the volunteers, all nice and friendly people, all there to help you, also a big thank you to all of you.
And don’t forget Karin, she’s the one you will meet first via Skype. I spoke to her for 1 ½ hour, I immediately had a good feeling and no doubts about the quality of RHC. Thank you as well.
Conclusion: If you’re serious about healing and looking for a professional center I can recommend RHC Chakra Alegria with confidence and with all my heart. You don’t have to look any further.

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