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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

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November, 2019.

Nimea Kaya, Peru. The name says itself ‘Spirit Jungle’. The most magical and life changing experience. The Medicine is a master plant and healer, but besides that, the way the Retreat and inventory has been made at the Centre is unbelievably divinely orchestrated to work with the medicine and the healing from the time you are met at the airport and all the way to the end of the 9 day journey.

The 4 Shipibo Shamans are the most beautiful and loving people I have ever met and I am so grateful they are apart of Nimea Kaya, as they truly make the experience magical, and they truly add in the healing of it all.

The food is just absolutely delightful and amazing and made full of love. Every single morning, lunch, and dinner (minus ceremony nights) we were served with nutritious meals and juices, as fresh as they get, and always gifted with a smile.
The accommodation is absolutely perfect fit for the jungle, you are literally one with it while still been in your rooms. The toilets are an amazing set up and I felt from the toilets to the bathrooms we had santiary and cleaniness at all times.

The activities throughout the 9 days are so beautiful, eye opening and connecting to all of the group. It really helps with the medicine and the becoming one as a group and getting to know everyone including the facilitators.

Overall, an amazing experience and I recommend this beautiful and special place to anyone who is called to Ayahuasca or seeking a deep spiritual awakening and/ growth. Nimea Kaya offers everything you need for the Journey, from the safe space, to the traditional Medicine Men and Women of Peru, and all the way to servicing those attending and been apart of the group, with such love been given all the time and especially to those have experienced challenges throughout the Journey, to the best food made fresh daily, and to the integration to help with returning to our daily lives, to connecting us with the plants and spirits, to allowing us to become family with the communities and children on the beautiful boat trips. Bless this place and all that visit, for it changes, heals and shifts something deep within us so we can take what we have learnt and apply it to our daily lives, as this where we change humanity as a whole..for once we heal ourselves, we can then heal others.

Lots of love, Lotus.
(J. Z)

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