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Rainforest Healing Center

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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on June 22, 2015. #1 of 48 Reviews

There are not enough words to describe the experience that I lived through Mother Ayahuasca at CAA. You got to live it to feel it…And one thing I know for sure and I’ll sing it to the seven seas…it was definitely the best and most intense experience of my life πŸ™‚
How did I end up at CAA? I actually got lost, had a blackout and woke up there…hehe just kidding! Well, you can browse and research online for a long long time and you’ll find tons of different places with nice reviews that will leave you confused and indecisive about where to go…It is a life changing experience so there is a certain pressure about choosing the right place…and that’s why I waited forl the right moment and trust me, you’ll know when it comes πŸ˜‰
For years I had been hearing and reading articles about Ayahuasca, even Al Jazeera talked about it! Then one day, I saw that a friend of mine had posted pictures on his Facebook about Ayahuasca and his stay at CAA and I thought the world was gonna end! He’s one of the most logical and skeptical people I’ve ever met, so I contacted him straight away and we met. So this was the moment when I knew, where it felt right. He didn’t have to convince me to hard, everything he was saying was making perfect sense to me and next thing I knew, I followed my gut feeling and there I was on a airplane (actually 3) on my way to Iquitos and about to know the true meaning of unconditional love.
He told me that I could trust the centre and everyone working there with my eyes wide shut and so I did. They make you feel like you belong there and their genuine interest in helping you is so obvious that only leaves space for you to focus on your healing and nothing else. Loved the fact that I was in the middle of the Amazon and surrounded by nature…you feel connected to everything and everybody…Food is amazing there and everything is done as natural as possible. The centre also doesn’t take more than 8 people for retreat which is great…
When you decide to experience Ayahuasca is very important to feel safe and supported, as what you’ll be going through can be compared to the biggest and wildest rollercoaster. At CAA you always have hands to support you and be there for you at your darkest moment…I had and I’ll be eternally thankful for that…
It’s not just a business, it’s a group of people trying to make the difference and genuinely helping us all in the best way they can. They also have the cutest and sweetest dog ever…beautiful Gaia…miss her so much πŸ™ There’s also Luna, the cat, but I’m more of a dog person.
I was very sad when I had to leave and come back to reality after 10 days…got in there with a heavy backpack (literally and figuratively) but left lighter than ever! I had never felt so much love and happiness like I felt there and many of my deep hounds were healed, specially my depression…obviously you are always learning and changing and healing is always needed throughout your life…otherwise we would all be perfect and I haven’t met anyone else who’s perfect besides me πŸ˜‰ hehe joking again!
I made a new family there that I know I’ll always be able to count on and we’ll be eternally connected, no matter where we’ll be. Don’t be afraid and follow your instinct…
“The night is at its darkest just before the dawn”.

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