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Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Reviewed on May 3, 2020. #1 of 28 Reviews

I volunteered at Vilcabamba for about a month and I had the most powerful experiences of my life. The medicine reacted with me strongly and took me to my deepest fears. It was scary at many points but I have learned that what I experienced was necessary for me to grow. When I had troubling visions, Miguel and other guests comforted me and helped me through them. They made me feel like family there and I felt very safe and comforted by everyone.
Everything about Chakapita was incredible, as well as the local town of Vilcabamba. It‘s perfect, a rural oasis with the friendliest people you could ever meet and the most amazing food (and surprisingly the best pizza in the world). There’s so many local excursions to experience while you’re there too like hiking and horseback riding in the mountains.

I have traveled to many places all around the world, but this little spot in Ecuador has stolen my heart and has become my favorite place I’ve ever been, as there’s absolutely nothing like it anywhere else.

Miguel is so kind, respectful, funny, welcoming, accommodating, wonderful, and knowledgeable.
Chakapita is a place you can always feel safe at.
Everyone in Vilcabamba knows Miguel and what he does and it’s awesome to be able to talk so openly about it with people in the town. He had a great reputation and is loved by everyone and anyone who says otherwise isn’t being honest. People in the town are also very friendly and easy to get to know.

The groups of people during ceremonies are often small and sometimes only 2 other people are participating with you. This helps you feel more connected and safe, as you can be focused on during the ceremony if you ever need anything.

Chakapita is in a great location right out of the rural Vilcabamba only a short taxi away. It is truly a beautiful and peaceful paradise within itself and it’s the perfect place to have experiences with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Wilka.

It’s a dream to be here and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking into ceremonies.

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