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Los Cielos Peru

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Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on November 18, 2018. #1 of 20 Reviews

Imagine a place where you can JUST BE YOU, a place you’d be checking your old self at the door and then begin a new journey of finding your true self… Los Cielos was that place for me!

My cousin has been talking about Sylvie and Ayahuasca ceremonies for years, and even though I have been intrigued by his stories, I had hard time to believe any of them.

It was not before I felt as if my life got stuck; I was not happy with my job, living situation, friends and everything else around me. Even though I had everything I dreamt of- something was missing.

A year in the making, I was then started to look for a deeper meaning, searching the web for testimonials and videos of people who went through this process. After all, jungle living and magical broth drinking still sounded a little freaky. Getting tired of thinking about it, I decided to just go and try it myself.

Arriving in Peru was nerve wracking. Although I have watched every possible YouTube video, I was still skeptical. It all fed away once I met Sylvie and Los Cielos’ team members. There and then I just knew I made the right decision. Everyone was very welcoming which made me and all other retreat participates feel at home.

Our retreat lasted 10 days; on the agenda were many ceremonies. Those ceremonies were so profound and eye opening for me, but the best thing of this entire retreat was Sylvie. Other places may offer similar ceremonies, but no other place has a wonderful person like Sylvie. Sylvie guided us throughout the entire time, in ups and downs, making sure we are being taking care of, mentally and emotionally, around the clock.

Knowing there was someone to talk to 24/7 was priceless. Sylvie is very knowledgeable and experienced with plant medications and ceremonies. She had an answer for every silly question. Sylvie was very patience with everyone, which made me feel safe and secure.

Few months have passed since I got back from Peru, and I can definitely say that my experience at Los Cielos was one of the best thing I have ever given myself. I have a feeling that one day I will be back at Los Cielos ….

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