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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on January 5, 2017. #1 of 39 Reviews

Have you ever asked yourself is there such a thing as rehab for life? The answer is yes! The wonderful people at Blue Morpho and the medicine has helped change my life forever. I call it rehab for life because for me that’s exactly what I needed. For many years i suffered from childhood traumas, physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, low self esteem and especially depression. I saw countless therapists over my life with little success. I was at point where I no longer wanted to continue with life. One day i stumbled upon the Joe Rogan podcast. He had a guest on named Aubrey Marcus who spoke about plant medicines in the Amazon and how there are centers that are helping heal traumas, ptsd, mental illnesses, life issues with Ayahuasca. From that moment on is where my journey began. I researched Ayahuasca and searched countless healing centers in South America. Many had hundreds of reviews but I was unsure of where to go. Then I searched on YouTube for ayahuasca videos and that’s where I came across a video called Metamorphosis Ayahuasca Documentary. After watching that video I decided over 1 year ago to take a chance on healing my life. I flew down to Peru to do my very first Ayahuasca ceremony with Blue Morpho. Maestros Don Alberto, Eliseo, Malcom, Lorreta, Matt, Alex, Terri, Maya and the entire Blue Morpho staff are just the most amazing people you will ever meet. If you ever wanted to take a break from life and be one with the Amazon jungle while being in a safe place with people that practice medicine then Blue Morpho is your place. The medicine has helped me deal with addiction and I have remained sober since. My relationships with my loved ones have improved dramatically. I’m able to be in the moment and communicate better. This medicine is not a cure all and it is not meant for everyone. It is a medicine that shows you the truth about yourself while helping you release the things in your life that no longer serve you. So if you are willing to do the work then by all means give yourself the opportunity to heal. Give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Trust Blue Morpho and believe that this is the right path. I see a brighter future for myself and for you. I see that once again “Life Is Good!” Thank you Blue Morpho for making my life better. Much love for you!

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