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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on October 13, 2018. #1 of 420 Reviews

I’ve been waiting roughly 10 years to start my journey with the medicine! A few months ago I knew it was time, Mother Aya was calling me! It was time now to pick up a center and with the first search i sure found a lot of them, it wasn’t easy to just pick one,it had to be right one! I came across Arkana reading reviews and experiences of others ,I cannot explain what it was but I knew Arkana was the one! I booked a one week reatreat at the end of September and i was still terrified by the thought of being in the middle of the jungle ,being surrounded by snakes and spiders and all kinds of bugs! All of it was gone as soon as ve arrived at the center! The views of the Amazan and Ucayali rivers was just breathtaking, the jungle was just so majestic and beautiful! There was nothing to be afraid of anymore! I’ve never felt more safe! The center is well maintained and clean! The staff was always so helpful and kind! The facilitators were amazing, always there for us,during the day,the night,during ceremonies,they has so much love and kindness to offer. The shamans were amazing and so powerful,we did such good work during the retreat,plus we had the opportunity to work with other powerful medicines like Kambo ,Sapo, Nunu.
As I mentioned before,I only had a one week retreat booked initially but a week later I found myself in the Sacred Valley and i knew my journey wasn’t done yet,I booked another week with Arkana family in the Sacred Valley and the place is just magical, located in the valley,right on the Urubamba river, surrounded by the Andes! It was really rewarding to be there and the week that fallowed was just beautiful, again great staff,amazing facilitators ,exceptional shamans and powerful medicines. I also had the honor to meet the owner of Arkana, Jose, a man truly caring, kind, humble and driven by his purpose to help and serve others! There are not enough words to describe my experience with Arkana and how grateful i am for healing my soul, for opening my heart,for teaching me how to love again! ❤️

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