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Los Cielos Peru

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Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on September 20, 2018. #1 of 20 Reviews

I asked a friend who was more knowledgeable about this world than me for recommendations. She didn’t say much other than ‘Trust me… just go here’. It turned out to be some of the best advice i’ve ever been given. I was aware that Peru is rife with ‘Ayauscha tourism’ so i was looking for a place that was more personalized and would be able to work with you on the journey, and suggest other plants or medicines that could help your individual issues. This turned out to be exactly that. In the months before my reasons for working with the medicine had changed, i essentially had the start of an auto-immune issue and a bacterial infection. I had been trying to heal myself via diet and nutrition and although i had made progress, it was hard going and very long winded. On top of this i would occasionally get worried and turn back to docters who essentially lead me through the same routine experimental processes that resulted in major set backs. Just 11 days with Sylvie and her team in the jungle resulted in more progress than months of healing myself. Sylvie is one of the most intelligent people i have ever met, Rosi is an incredibly powerful Shaman and Alida makes some of the best food and cared for me incredibly well! The process i went through was very physically demanding and at times i was a bit scared, the Los Cielos family ment that i was able to get through this by feeling loved and looked after.

I had an issue with previous retreats being quite vague with their explanations of the medicines. What i loved about Los Cielos is that the process here is very practical and we were given a good indication of what is happening in our bodies and our minds. On top of that ‘integration’ was something that was woven into the fabric of our lessons with the underlying theme of ‘Sovereignty’. I’d say that Los Cielos has got me 80% cured, now the hard work revolves around the final 20% which i now feel extremely confident about solving myself. Whats more i am grateful that i have to solve this myself so that i can integrate the protocols into my daily routine in the real world. On top of this i also feel more empowered every day i make small bits of progress. I think as a society we are conditioned to believe there are ‘magic pills’ that solve things for us, before going to the Amazon i was hoping that Los Cielos was my magic pill, now looking back i realise it’s not… but it’s definitely the closest thing i’ll ever get.

Los Cielos taught me how to take back my own power and remove crutches i had previously relied on. Now very close to the end of my healing journey, i am incredibly happy to be doing this in a fully natural way. I know that i am not using drugs to suppress symptoms and that i am facing things head on, by listening to my body and refining my approach. Whats more its’ put me on a bigger journey, i don’t want to go back to the same place i was before, i want to be better, i want to refine, optimize and improve as much as possible. I also want to help others who face similar challenges.

I’m writing this 1 month since i left Peru, and although the integration process isn’t easy, i still feel incredibly positive about everything thanks to everyone at Los Cielos.

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