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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on November 16, 2018. #1 of 97 Reviews

I have attended two retreats at the Nimea Kaya retreat center.
My first retreat was in June/July 2015, my second retreat was in August 2016.
Both experiences were exceptional. They brought significant shifts in my life, a community I can rely on to support me on my personal healing journey, as well as a new found love for life and awe at everything that is.
The Nimea Kaya center is one I recommend highly due to several reasons. First of all, I found that a great balance is created between the authenticity of the Ayahuasca medicine and traditions, with a comfortable and safe environment for deep healing.
One on hand, the brew and the shamans create a real authentic experience, one that can be trusted and creates a deep bond with the traditions of the Shipibo people and the Ayahuasca medicine. The ceremonies are held in genuine ritualistic ways, holding a space for significant transformation with the great work of the shaman and the quality of the brew. Furthermore, the opportunity is there for each group to make their own brew, which is done throughout the retreat and drunk on the last ceremony.
On the other hand, the way the retreat centre is managed creates a real trust, comfort and sense of safety. The accommodation is great, with real immersion with nature whilst comfortable spaces for rest and individual reflection. The maloka, where the ceremonies are held, is amazing. it’s a great space, with everything to wish for: plenty of space for all the guests, compost toilets easy to reach, a back room for extra space, and some sitting area and hammocks outside for further connection with nature during ceremonies.
The food is excellent, with a local staff ensuring that the property is well maintained, the dieta is respected, the amenities are well taken care of and cleaned.
I also enjoyed the exposure to local communities and the many projects Nimea Kaya is involved with, providing all kinds of support to the people living on the Amazon.
Overall, I recommend it highly, as a trusthworty place for deep healing and support.

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