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Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Reviewed on May 8, 2020. #1 of 28 Reviews

I would not recommend this place. I stayed at Miguel’s place for almost two weeks and even though the place itself is very beautiful, I didn’t feel safe there at all. Miguel was always absent and didn’t take care of the retreat participants in a way they deserve. He didn’t really explain anything about the plant or about the ceremonies and because of the bad guidance and general atmosphere half of the guests (!!) decided to quit the retreat. I believe that these numbers speak for themselves. Miguel was not interested in talking about the situation either, he didn’t understand why people didn’t feel save or supported by him and didn’t even give participants who paid for a whole week, but had to quit it after two days, any money back. Later I also learned that he took advantage of volunteers when they were on medicine after they refused him sober. On top of that, he betrayed his girlfriend when she was on vacation, what lead to a very weird atmosphere when she came back, since everybody knew about it. That is neither professional, nor fair for his girlfriend or the participants. Furthermore, Miguel owns around 6 big dogs, most of them are German Shepards. One of them is deeply traumatized, always chasing his tail, and just not Master if his senses. Even though I appreciate the fact that Miguel tries to heal this dog, I didn’t feel save at a place where a mental dog is running around. Later, after having some disagreements with volunteers, Miguel even threatened one of the volunteers to put the dogs on her. From my perspective she didn’t do anything wrong, but asked a lot of questions about medicine and how to become a shaman, which just shows her interest in the place and Miguel’s work and shouldn’t be a reason for kicking her out and threatening her. But maybe she hit a sore spot, since Miguel never finished his shaman training. I don’t want to be unfair in any way, so I need to mention that Miguel never told me that himself, but the volunteers that were around (some of them for over a month). Moreover, Miguel asks the volunteers to pay a weekly fee of 30 dollars. Everybody who went to Ecuador before knows that there is no way to spend 30 dollars per week on casual food like pasta, rice, lentils, vegetables and fruits. After asking him if the volunteers could do the groceries by themselves, he denied it. I suspect that he does not use the money only for the volunteers food, but also for the food for the guests. I believe that Chakapita could be a very beautiful place, since the surrounding is simply amazing. But I don’t think that Miguel will ever be able to give participants the comfort and the security they need. His reputation in vilcabamba is also very bad, especially when it comes to how he treats women. My advise to all future participants: don’t go to this place. There are so many nice retreat places around Ecuador and Peru, look for a saver, more renowned and professional place where you can enjoy the whole magic of plant medicine in a safe environment with positive vibes !

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