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La Luna Del Amazonas

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on May 7, 2018. #1 of 32 Reviews

I came to La Luna Del Amazonas through a good friend’s recommendation. She stayed there a month or so ago, and knew this is where I needed to be. I would have to say this was the one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. And I had so much gratitude for her recommendation.

Experiencing ayahuasca in the middle of the Amazon jungle was awe inspiring. Feeling the energy emanating from the jungle through sight and sound made me feel comforted and full of life.

The staff are deeply invested in providing a safe and supportive environment for all comers. Rule number one for them is “zero tolerance for negativity.”

Each guest is going through something. I came at a crossroads in my life. I needed answers to difficult questions that I did not have the strength to answer on my own, and a path forward based on the answers I received. Mother ayahuasca showed me the way.

Ceremonies adhere to century’s old rituals and tradition. Don Benigno and Don Guido, the highly experienced shaman, protect and guide you through the experience. Allowing the medicine to do its work, while giving the participants room to explore the questions and healing they seek from her in comfort. The songs they sing are like energetic lullabies. Keeping you in a dream-like state, but ensuring your control over the experience. They work so incredibly hard during the ceremonies to keep you safe. Come with positivity and purpose.

It is very important to prepare your body for your journey. Adhering to the strict ayahuasca diet is more than important, it is necessary to ensure a comfortable experience. The medicine is a combination of a spirit guide, a power cleanse, and a smart healing agent. If you cheat the diet, it could wreck your whole stay. While there, Chef Jose prepares the most delicious ayahuasca meals. Simple ingredients that bring out flavors without the typical additives. The freshest food I have ever eaten anywhere.

Getting to La Luna was a journey in and of itself, and is an integral part of the experience. Coming from Washington, DC, I had a 25 hour series of flights and layovers that ended in Iquitos for the night. Checked in to El Couchero. I ate an ayahuasca dinner at Karma Cafe, which was recommended by the hotel staff. The next morning Greg, a La Luna staff member, met me at 11 AM. We went to exchange my dollars into Soles. Then went to a port to board a water taxi for a magical hour and a half long Amazon boat ride to Santa Maria. Once there, some of the boys from the town helped us carry some of our bags for the 25 minute hike into the jungle for some soles. Trust them. Your stuff will get there fully intact, and it makes the track much easier. The love and care was palpable as soon as I arrived at the final destination.

The accommodations are very simple bungalow structures. Door that locks on both sides. Elevated to protect you from the rare heavy rains and unwanted visits from jungle critters. There is a bed, a writing table, and a bookshelf. The bungalow is open nearly 360 deg. to the jungle, but protected with mosquito screens that surround the structure. Your get all of the sights and sounds without a lot of mosquitoes. There is a mosquito net over the bed for added protection. Hard to describe the dynamism offered by the jungle, but know it is also an integral part of the experience.

La Luna Del Amazonas is a place of healing and fine tuning your spiritual awakening. Everyone’s experience will be different. It’s deeply personal to each guest’s goals, but guided in much the same way. I left understanding the power of nature had to offer, and alignment to a new spiritual understanding. It is the only place I will experience ayahuasca, and I will certainly come again.

If you are like me and are at a crossroad in your life, in need of self improvement, dealing with depression or have an ailment and seek a cure from mother ayahuasca, you should book your stay here. Everyone will make sure you are well taken care of. Don’t hesitate, and look no further. Book it.

This is very important, if you booked a stay elsewhere and do not get a sense they really care. Stop! Do not go there. Reach out to Enrique at La Luna. He will understand, truly care, and set you up. Even if it’s the last minute. I witnessed this first hand, and was more than impressed at the lengths they will go to get you where you need to be.

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