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Arkana Spiritual Center

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Iquitos and Sacred Valley in Peru

Reviewed on July 13, 2017. #1 of 372 Reviews

My second trip with Pulse / Arkana, and I was once again blown away by the quality and care they put into every aspect of the experience. The facility itself is gorgeous–a beautiful setting right on the bank of the Ucayali that is very comfortable, even for an avowed “city guy” like me! This year, the food was even better than last year thanks to the “upgrading” of the kitchen staff/management… lot’s of variety and fresh ingredients.

Of course the main reason for coming is the ceremonies… and Arkana hits a home run here. The brew itself does the job (and then some!) as they control its production in-house, sticking to the traditional Shipibo recipe. We had a couple of group members who had some trouble connecting and were offered a “rocket fuel” brew from one of the Shaman’s personal stash… which seemed to do the trick the next night(!!) Arkana taps into a roster of experienced Shipibo shamans (shamen?) and during some ceremonies we had FOUR of them singing icaros and weaving harmonies simultaneously. Those ceremonies were absolutely mind-blowing.

I can’t say enough about the facilitators. There was one beautiful carry-over from last year (“Hi Tamara!”) along with three new staffers who did an amazing job of making our entire group comfortable and ensuring that everyone had a safe–and deep/meaningful experience. These guys are personable, sensitive, SMART, and funny/fun-to-be-with… and they work their asses off to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Pulse has a great reputation… and that helps right from your arrival in Iquitos. They are super well-organized and professional. Accommodating and caring. They offer a LOT of additional experiences–master plant diets, sapo, kambo, nunu–in addition to ayahuasca, that can really let you go deeper into your personal work and enhance your overall experience.

In sum, the setting, organization, and expert staff all combined to give me yet another amazing aya experience this year. I cannot recommend this group/company highly enough.

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