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The Garden of Peace

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Lamas, San Martin, Peru

Reviewed on November 7, 2018. #1 of 13 Reviews

I fully and completely recommend ANY retreat at The Garden of Peace. This has been my life and path for several years and from personal experience I can tell you that there’s a lot of crazy stuff happening in the world of plant medicine, and dangerous stuff, especially in Peru. But this is a completely SAFE space. Run by knowledgeable westerners with full commitment to the plant medicine path and with deep integrity and huge hearts– the magical Lara, handpicks the Maestras and Maestros who come, and she’s utterly gifted. She also handpicks truly phenomenal support staff. You will be beautifully cared for and supported, and totally safe here. (Tarapoto, the nearest city, is also the safest city in Peru–the locals pride themselves on that.)

I was blessed to attend the Women’s Retreat with Maestra Reyna in 2017, who is a superb and loving healer. The dieta were amazing, powerful, very deep. And then again during the recent 30 day with Gumercino–holy wow. Phenomenal dieta, powerful powerful healing. Gumer doesn’t claim the title of Maestro, but he certainly works like one, and he’s the clearest healer I’ve worked with. Both retreats offered me everything I hoped for, and so much more.

The center itself is gorgeously rustic–a beautiful jungle property full of medicinal plants and wildlife, individual cassita, stone steps set in the hillsides, and the Shambo Yaku River to swim and bathe in, as well as safe natural spring water to drink, healthy vegetarian meals cooked with love and care, and a gorgeous maloka for ceremony. But it IS the jungle, not a luxury hotel, and part of the healing experience is letting go of the Western comforts and surrendering to a simple and natural existence. I am in love with the center and all it’s beautiful people.

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