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Reviewed on June 3, 2018. #1 of 66 Reviews

I worked with Jessica and completely healed my asthma. It was completely life changing.

When I first met her I thought “what a weird German woman” and wouldn’t have considered drinking ayahuasca with her. But then a bunch of things and more importantly indigenous friends, each who happen to be healers from the Andes, the altiplano and from lake Titicaca, came together and said I should join them in the ceremonies and the timing was right. Jessica came and we talked to prepare for the work and she seemed very professional. Immediately when the first season began Jessica was transformed. I don’t know how else to say it, she was like a magical being and completely in charge, working with each person and containing the entire event. When I struggled she helped me. She taught me during and between the seasions a lot about how to “work” with the medicine rather than just fall into a chaos. I returned a year later to work with her in an even smaller and calmer group of just 3 people in which each person worked in their own very concentrated way. With Jessica’s guidance I asked the medicine to work on healing my lungs. To my complete and ongoing surprise, the three sesións ocurred like what can only be described as a long surgery, carrying on each of the three nights where we had left off the previous. After the sessions I was shocked that I felt that I had had a surgery and needed the physical and emotional time of a few weeks to recover. Half a year later I went on a hike and in the middle of it realized that for the first time I could breathe normally, no pain (I had previously ended up having such bad asma attacks when attempting any such activity that I would sometimes cough blood).

Jessica amazed me, she fully supported me before during, in between and after each session, even now, years later. When she becomes your healer is is a fully holistic and commited situation, as is the tradition in a traditional tribal situation. She is a down to earth, funny German lady but has completely become a traditional medicine woman.

I feel 100% confident in recommending her as an ayahuasquera. Her work is efficient, full of love and very very careful. I tend to be a very rational person but I greatly thank her for allowing me to witness, experience and believe in traditional and psychotropic healing. Jessica offers her ceremonies in the traditional Shipibo style, singing icaros herself. The indigenous have embraced her and her work for a good reason.

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