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Iquitos and Sacred Valley in Peru

Reviewed on April 2, 2017. #1 of 370 Reviews

Having just returned from a three week stay with Pulse Tours Ayahuasca Adventure Center, I can truly say that, while it was completely different from what I had expected, those three weeks have given me something which I truly needed, as well as the much needed strength to continue down this spiritual path I have begun.

I knew that drinking Ayahuasca would not be easy. I had not expected that I would fight myself the whole way. If you had asked me how I felt after the first ceremony, I would have told you that it was beyond me why anyone would choose to put themselves through such an ordeal…and that with 11 more ceremonies to go! I now also understand why some say that it would be better to go into this process without any pre-conceptions or expectations. But that is also part of the process: Learning to let go of the feeling that you need to know how everything is going to turn out.

After 12 ceremonies, I can truly say a few things: 1) These were most certainly some of the most challenging 3 weeks of my life and 2) these three weeks brought me more than I could have ever imagined. Also 3) although I now know the amount of hard work involved in working with Ayahuasca, I have also received enough healing to know that my work with Ayahuasca is not finished and that there is still much more to learn about myself and the world we live in.

Pulse Tours and the center are run very professionally and with the utmost care, personal attention and love. It is a place to feel safe. The facilitators never seem to tire of the many questions, fears and doubts which are brought up. It is up to each individual to make their own very personal journey, and this can be a very daunting process for some, and at times you might feel very vulnerable. The team of facilitators is always there to help, direct and support you. They are like family for the time of your stay.

The facilities at the center are clean and comfortable. Most spaces are free of insects through the use of endless amounts of mosquito netting. The toilets and showers are always kept clean. The food is generally very good.

Just something to think about: When I talked to the shaman, I was advised to also do a ‘Dieta’ for the three weeks. The ‘Dieta’ will supposedly connect you deeper with the Ayahuasca and make your stay even more worthwhile spiritually, however, in order to hold the diet, you will have to deny yourself things such as fruit, juices, sweets, toothpaste, soap, insect repellant, skin creams, suntan lotion, even sitting in the sun! So, you need to consider how much you are willing to put up with when agreeing to also follow a ‘Dieta’. I personally am not aware how my diet specifically helped me along, but others really benefitted in specific ways from their ‘Dieta’. Again, everything about your experience with Ayahuasca will be very personal, and comparisons to anyone else will usually prove futile.

My three weeks in the Jungle of Peru, guided by the competent facilitators at Pulse Tours, has been an unforgettable experience and has allowed me to grow in ways which I am still not completely able to process. As was often said during my three weeks: “Ayahuasca is a process”. The process started in the middle of the jungle, but it will continue throughout the rest of your life. When you realise this, then you also realise what an amazing gift you have been given!

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