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Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on May 15, 2017. #1 of 120 Reviews

An excellent first time experience with Ayahausca. I would recommend Nihue Rao wholehartedly to anyone. Unlike reviews left on other retreats on this website, I was not cooerced or forced to leave a positive review.

I’m a doctor from Australia with no experience of Ayahausca, who spent a great deal of time researching different centres online – important aspects for me were safety, a comfortable atmosphere, and getting a traditional Ayahausca experience.

All these factors were met:
-Nihue Rao is fully transparent with the preparation of their Ayahausca – only Ayahausca & Chacruna are mixed in the brew; it is possible to watch it being prepared
-No dangerous procedures are required such as a nicotine cleanse or consumption of Toe that have been associated with fatalities at other Ayahausca centres
-All the staff are excellent – particularly the 4 support members (Benoit, Camilla, Phillip & Patrick); who are available 24/7 & offer so much support during ceremonies to ensure safety & comfort
-The facilities are great – immersed in the Amazon, on a massive property, surrounded by nature with gorgeous ambient sounds, access to wifi that is usually very reliable, living in a hut that has electricity, food is what you would expect when no red meat/ salt/ sugar is permitted
-While I almost considered attending the highest rated Ayahausca centre on this website for its reviews & promotion of physical wellbeing – there is no way that during the downtime between Ayahausca ceremonies I would have had the energy or motivation to participate in high intensity exercise/ ‘adrenaline’ activities; a good book is all you want & Nihue Rao has an excellent library
-Very traditional experience – Riccardo & the other shamans generate an otherworldly atmosphere in the Maluka during Ayahausca ceremonies; it is profound & unforgettable; really I can’t describe how overwhelming it is – to be sat in front of a shaman while deep into a DMT trip, while they sing beautiful music at you amongst a symphony of vomiting
-Although I have a strong scientific mind & high degree of skepticism with alternative medicine – Nihue Rao really can be the catalyst many people need to make positive change in their lives & reframe past traumas – I was able to draw life changing conclusions from my experiences, the debrief meetings after ceremonies are honest & very productive

My recommendation to anyone considering Ayahausca is to formulate a clear intention before attending a retreat. Come with the knowledge that you will need to put in hard work. Nihue Rao offers the perfect setting to experience Ayahausca for first time users & those with prior experience (based on conversations I had with other attendees). You won’t regret coming here

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