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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on January 17, 2017. #1 of 39 Reviews

I don’t have enough words to describe how I feel about ayahuasca and BM team. But I will do my best to share my thoughts and experiences.

I was introduced to BM center trough my friends who came there prior to me. I witnessed their positive transformations and whenever it was the right time for me I decided to go as well. It was in June 2014. I created a list of intentions all of which got successfully worked on. Ayahuasca and the shamans, specifically Christian and Don Alberto, guided me through the process of healing and physical and energetic purge of everything that didn’t belong. I immediately felt light in all senses and saw the world through different set of eyes, clear and without any prior fog.

I came back to BM a few more times after that first tour in 2014 because more work needed to be done for which I was not ready the first time. Malcolm, Loretta and Matt took very good care of me. They understood my needs very well and helped me work through some rough stuff. all the helpers at BM are angels who are always there to help during ceremonies, throughout the week of the tour and even afterwards through email correspondence if it becomes necessary. To me BM is a family, something that is very sacred and close to my heart and I feel connected to them thanks to Ayahuasca and other sacred plants.

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