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Beni, Bolivia

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Wow, I don’t know where to begin to talk about the amazing nuturing healing safe haven that is Pisatahua.

Sasha and Eric together with their beautiful support group these beautiful souls of Pisatahua have saved so much of the jungle around riberalta and aim to protect as much as they can to save it from deforestation.

They are working with local communities to help them see how much more valuable the jungle is while it is alive and not cut down for future generations to enjoy and see how special it is.

Why am I explaining this, well it really shows the pure beautiful heart intentions of this beautiful couple but more than that you feel this protection in the energy of the jungle surrounding the retreat – it has the most beautiful calm energy of a truely honoured, unharmed protected and cared for paradise – you feel like you are in the most surreal and safe place in the world – and while you are there this is what your money is going to, caring for and protecting this beautiful haven, to keeping this most amazing beautiful retreat going so fellow souls that follow can come to be nutted taken care of and healed.

The whole retreat from beginning to end was way beyond anything I could have even imagined or anticipated, the space, the malorka, our beautiful cabin which overlooked the lagoon going to sleep and waking up to the sounds of the jungle it was the most comfortable place to return to after your ayahuasca ceremony (which I am so grateful for having something so beautiful and comfortable to retire to)

Outside of the Ayahuasca ceremonies I was (the whole group was) so thankful and grateful for the many different ceremonies that complimented this amazing plant medicine,  the la dieta although very restrictive left you full and content, the tabacco  ceremony one of the challenging but most cleansing opening things I have ever done in my life.

Other ceremonies were held at different times, and it was during this times you’re  not just healing with Ayahuasca  but with so much more, you are healing yourself, you’re helping your family heal, you’re new retreat family and they are helping you heal also.

There was so many complimentary elements to this beautiful retreat, they really give 200% to this experience to make sure they leave no stone unturned that you maximise your healing potential in every single possible way.

Now this, a big toast to our amazing Curandera Wara… what a blessing to the world this beautiful woman is, Pisatahua combined with her is the ultimate set and setting.

She holds such powerful space, she is kind, gentle, extremely funny, very very patient but she knows you (her children for the retreat) she knows what each of you need and how to help guide you there even at times when it gets hard she makes you feel so safe, you know you are okay and that the best is yet to come.

She works so hard, her songs guide you on your journey, her healing power guided through grandmother Ayahuasca is out of this world, together they make you really lose all distractions, to sit and have the most honest deepest at times scary and darkest chat you’ve ever had with yourself – and after that 4th ceremony you have never felt more alive, more clean,  unburdene, so happy, free or more grateful  for yourself, this big beautiful mother earth and every living breathing part of it.

I really can not recommend Pisatahua enough, Eric, Sasha  thank you for providing such a beautiful intimate space for those with pure intentions can come and leave the most amazing versions of themselves they never imagined.

Thank you to the beautiful families who took care of us all while we were there, to Sarah for the beautiful yoga and meditation, to Don Marcial  for providing his beautiful medicine in our last ceremony, to my beautiful retreat family you are all such gorgeous people – and last but defiantly not least: Wara, beautiful Wara, thank you for guiding me, for making me work hard, through what was the best experience of my life.

The whole experience will be in my heart forever and I will be back again

Peace, love and light
Kimberley xo

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