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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on October 13, 2017. #1 of 243 Reviews

My experience at Gaia was nothing short of Epic. The space is beautiful, nestled in the Andes, quiet, serene, peaceful, with various opportunities for you to settle in and relax. I’ve done a TON of inner work and yet I came with a profound intention. The circumstances of my life were demanding of me that I step up and be a me that could play this bigger game. I had just shut down my life on the east coast and was in route to California where my partner and I were going to resettle in California. I flew to Gaia and my partner continued into Cali to find us a place to settle into.

Gaia definitely met my expectations and helped me to fulfill my intention. The work was profound, the Shamans next level, the staff friendly, supportive, compassionate, and most importantly heart-centered. We were well cared for during ceremony as well as, and almost more importantly outside of ceremony. There was always someone to chat with, a fellow retreat participant on work-exchanger. I slept in the dorm and loved it, it was really nice to connect with the work-exchangers in that way, the men (in this case) who assist in the daily functions of keeping Gaia running smoothly.

Important for me was going to a center that would accept me, given I have type 1 diabetes. Gaia had no problem with that and was totally supportive and willing to meet whatever needs I had. It felt really comforting to know they could hold a container for me to work through the layers related to the diabetes. Salvador the shaman speaks english, knows what diabetes is, and knew how to assist me, expertly in navigating the layers that activated for me on the medicine.

I’d def. recommend Gaia, please, go. You won’t be disappointed. The work is not easy, but definitely fruitful. My life has changed since Gaia. I went in with a sense of what I wanted to achieve, and achieved so much more growth than I could have ever imagined. I was blown away by the end, filled with so much gratitude I could burst.

Honestly I don’t necessarily look forward to going back to Gaia, the work wasn’t easy as I said, but when the medicine calls me again, if it does, back to Gaia I will go. Such an amazing place filled with amazing people. Jerry operates form a place of pure service and open-heartedness and Christine is an ancient woman filled with so much wisdom and heart, that any moment you get to spend with her, will be a cherished memory for you.

And, please know, my world only touch the surface of the experience and what I gained from my two weeks at Gaia. Memories, breakthroughs, and friends for life!

So much love and gratitude,

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