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Ayahuasca In Ecuador

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Rio Jurumbaino Macas Ecuador

Reviewed on April 14, 2018. #1 of 41 Reviews

In short, Ken and Sun’s retreat was an amazing experience, and like so many others have said, hard to put into words. I want to keep this short, but share my positive experience.

I came to the retreat with some knowledge and great interest in Ayahuasca, and was not disappointed. It was a truly traditional medicine experience. The shamans were absolutely authentic. The setting was beautiful and secluded. The medicine was strong and touched me deeply. The ceremonies have not left my mind since I left the retreat. While I was mostly interested in the ayahuasca portion before I came, no doubt the pinnacle of the experience was the San Pedro ceremony. I have never experienced something so powerful and mystical.

As Ken told me, he couldn’t guarantee anybody anything when working with ayahuasca – except that it will clean you physically and that it will touch you on a spiritual level…which is usually an extremely deep level. This proved true for myself and something I cannot recommend enough.

Much love to Ken and Sun. Again I cannot put the experiences into words but the facilities, care, and people were absolutely incredible. 6 stars out of 5. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for facilitating this experience.

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