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New Life Ayahuasca

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San Ramon, Costa Rica

Reviewed on January 8, 2018. #1 of 13 Reviews

After drinking ayahuasca five times in two different places and not feeling much , I finally had my very powerful and profund experience during this wonderful retreat…the quality of the brew is very good and the way Matt leads the ceremony is fantastic…no way you will leave this place without having an ayahuasca experience… When I booked this retreat I thought it was a little bit expensive compared to some you can find in the Amazon rainforest but when I left I felt like I should have paid more….the location is astonishing , the house is amazing and you will have your huge single room…the food Jeanae cooks is fantastic (and I am italian) and you will have yoga class and one good massage… I am going back 100%

Dr. Sanango

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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on July 18, 2017. #1 of 8 Reviews

Very disappointing experience!!! …There were 8 people in my group and none of them was happy about this retreat.We drunk ayahuasca 3-4 times (even 3 cups in one ceremony) without feeling anything.The shaman left the ceremony after two hours and
sang for no more than one hour..and it looked like he sang the same Icaro for the all time..he even felt a sleep once.
It was very difficult to communicate with him as he doesn’t speak english and there was nobody helping him with the language and during the ceremony..the shaman is probably a good person but I really believe he shouldn’t be a shaman.
Maybe I have been unlucky (usually there is a girl from England who speaks spanish and helps the shaman and the participants) but I don’t recommend this place at all!

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