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Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Reviewed on January 9, 2020. #1 of 28 Reviews

My boyfriend had a desire to attend an Ayahuasca retreat. We were searching for deeper Spiritiual knowledge and healing. We spend hours reseaching, looking for a special spot to experience the sacred plant medicines. We had read about the life changing effects and transformations we would encounter by partaking in these types of ceremonies. We felt this was what we needed for our growth individually and as a couple. We chose Chakapita and it did, in fact, give us the spiritual expansion and emtional healing we sought.
As soon as we arrived at the faciltiy, we were warmly greeted by the facilitor, Katie, and the Shaman, Miguel. The campus was located in a lush green valley, Andes mountains on all sides, and vast gardens of flowers in full bloom. It was beauitful and a perfect representation of nature that added to the effect of the retreat. We had a personal tour, overview of each day’s activities, and a chance to discuss our intentions for this visit. We felt welcomed and excited to be a part of their community.
There were several experienced volunteers on site and we were able to ask the additional questions we needed to ensure a full expereince working with the plant medicines. They shared their personal experiences with Ayahuasca. We felt comfortable and ready to start this adventure.
The night ceremonies brought us to Mother Aya in a very safe and loving way. We felt our souls open as we traveled into other dimensions. My boyfriend was able to connect with all of the energies this world and other worlds offer. Our desires to reach into our unconscious and explore other realms were laid in front of us. I was able to tap into deep emotions, explore my hurts and defects, and come out with new perspectives. The medicines took us on spiritual journeys that awakened us to a sensation of a higher power. We felt transformed and we would carry these new energies with us as we moved forward in our lives.
The week was a sacred event. We felt emotions and had experiences that are almost undescribable, except to others who have done Ayahuasca and San Pedro.
Chakapita allowed us to fully engage in the positive effects of the plant medicines. We had the spiritual awakening we sought. We believe the next time will continue to heal us and we look forward to joining Katie, Miguel, and the other guests agin very soon.

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