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El Triunfo, peru

Reviewed on July 21, 2018. #1 of 33 Reviews

Centrum DAS is the most wonderful place to have your first experience with Mother Ayahuassca , Percy Garcia is such a loving and intuitive man and I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure and healing that came with staying at this centre for 10 days.

im only home 3 weeks or so and being in Scotland is so different to Peru. I miss the jungle and the simple way of living , the facilities on site were more than ample, well built by hand tambo’s (bugalows) for each person , a great place for us all to meet and have our meals and any talks whether with facilitator Rak Razam or Percy Garcia giving us teachings about plant medicine’s on non ceremony days or even just to laze about and read a book.
The staff have a separate building incorporating living quarters for them as well as kitchen to prepare the delicious Dietas food for which is lovingly cooked on a wood fire built for the job out side . The Maloca (Temple) is something else , what a stunning place to have Ayahuassca Ceremonies, great feeling inside and facilities are spot on, toilets near to hand and always someone to help you if you are in need in any way , whether in Ceremony or not. The whole site is stunning and i got some fantastic pictures while i was there , I wasnt really sure what to expect coming to the jungle for the first time and I have came away from Percy’s centre feeling much happier in myself , much less bogged down by mindless chatter in my head, I have more direction and synchronicities seem to be more apparent in my life , im sure they were there all the time anyway , just that i am much more open to seeing them and feeling them, i just feel generally more connected in life and I am so happy that I gained this experience with Percy and everyone else i met at this fantastic place.

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