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Ayahuasca In Ecuador

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904-435-7994 in U.S. or 099 368 8463 in Ecuador

Rio Jurumbaino Macas Ecuador

Reviewed on April 17, 2017. #1 of 41 Reviews

Can’t give a stronger recommendation. I have had much experience with Ayahuasca, and I can say that this is definitely worth it. Ken and Sun were sweethearts who really know how to make one feel comfortable and welcome. The chaman was incredible, and the setting… wow. without words.

The San Pedro ceremony, same… These folks take care of you. San Pedro was the tricky grandfather complement to the firm but loving Ayahuasca mother. First time for me, I got a lot out of the journey. Really great medicine.

I can’t wait to return and share more music with these sweeties!

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