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Los Cielos Peru

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Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on July 5, 2017. #1 of 20 Reviews

The first time I visited Los Cielos was for a 10day retreat in Nov. of 2016. I had a 2 night experience here in the US previously lead by one of the founders that was one of the most profound healing experiences, the most I had come across at that point & I wanted to keep going.
I was welcomed in Pucallpa by Sylvie & Tyler, I met the two others who would join us & we took off to Pablo Ameringo (I may have misspelled his name) museum & then our exciting truck ride out to the center in the jungle.
We participated in Mapacho/Piñon Blanco purge as well as 3 Kambo purges during the retreat, we sat with Aya 5 nights. I will never be the same in such a positive light.
Upon my return to the US, I should admit, I had a hard time dealing going back to the life I had been living. I was a recovering alcoholic, still bartending, I had just faced the depths of emotional scars that had lead me to that lifestyle but the out here in the US wasn’t clear to me.
I applied again this time to volunteer at Los Cielos & found myself returning just a few months later, this time for a longer, more in depth experience.
I spent 2 months in the jungle, becoming friends with the Shamans & locals, making medicine, sitting with Aya & San Pedro regularly, working with others called to this medicine path & getting the first hand experience of what it is to truly love nature, to be a human being- to BE. Our lives are action & it is so easy to be enrolled in our monotonous system of 9-5, health insurance, “look forward to death because that is when we experience heaven”- type lifestyle here that we forget gratitude for everyday, for just experiencing being a soul in a living body.
Any how, I have seen the beauties of this medicine fulfill much of what I wasn’t able to reach on my own in my settings. I am grateful for the opportunities I received working with the Shaman’s at Los Cielos & the opportunities that these experiences have given me by showing me that we truly are unlimited, our only limits are in ourselves, and if I can friends, you too can break free of these.
Much love to all, I highly suggest experiencing Los Cielos for yourself. It is a genuine Ayahuasca center, devoted to the medicine, to the jungle, to the community & to collective healing.

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