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Estacion Kapitari

Listed in Ayahuasca

Manacamiri, Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on July 15, 2015. #1 of 47 Reviews

Underwhelming! the website promised a lot but very little of the $ you spend are invested into making your experience comfortable (I have never seen such a thin mattresses as the ones in the malocka) Also didn’t learn much about how money is invested in local community – the sustainable agriculture tour was about 2 sentences long. Many people on the retreat felt incredibly underfed and weak as a result. Understand dieta restrictions but the quantity of available food was ridiculous (considering you are very weakened by vomiting etc). If you needed a second helping you got scowled at. There wasn’t a strong ethic about conservation – a beautiful non poisonous snake was trapped, badly handled & bleeding and taken to a ‘farm’- we couldn’t work out why it couldn’t just stay in the forest. We were told the medicine was more of a body healing medicine than a visionary one – certainly we have had much strong medicine back at home and had very few insights on the retreat. one night the brew was so toxic and heavy that many people couldn’t move and everyone was incredibly sick- never had weird medicine like that before! Finally i think the thing that was most disappointing was there was absolutely no invitation for feedback at all- no questionnaire no follow up etc. This place seems like a cash cow for someone and really needs a spruce up.

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