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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on December 14, 2018. #1 of 107 Reviews

Ayahuasca, where do I begin? February 2013, I literally got the Ayahuasca call in a vision that has vastly improved my life from that point until this very moment as I scribble a few words onto this page.

Upon hearing the word Ayahuasca for the first time in a vision I began seeking the best place to go for a safe, legal, and tranquil setting. There were three potential locations I came across. The first locations felt a bit rough for it being my first time going to the jungle. One of the better locations I considered had great reviews and looked beautiful and well established. However after speaking with the leaders there, money was the feature of the conversation.

Then came Tierra Vida (now Nimea Kaya) I reached out to who turned out to be one of the most gentile and yet wise and completely beautiful inside in Jill. Immediately I felt relaxed and comfortable. For me I had never done anything remotely close to Ayahuasca so feeling safe and protected was paramount for me.

There I was early August 2014 on a plane heading for Peru confident and yet still a tad bit nervous because my Spanish level is a cool 0.32 (out of a total 10). Not only that, would it be difficult to locate the people I needed to meet? Would the people be nice? Would I feel lost?

As I exited the plane I noticed a couple others with the same look in their eyes as I. Not knowing for sure if they were heading to Nimea Kaya, it actually turned out they were indeed ten to twelve strangers who in short order would become lifelong friends and even family.

Standing by the gate were the faces of about 3 or so beautiful people greeting us and assigning us to these awesome jungle taxi’s that resembled the tok tok’s in Thailand. There was one other person and myself along with a driver heading through a city then a cool bumpy dirt road heading to the location I’d been imagining for roughly a year.

Once we all reached Nimea Kaya immediately all of the stress of travel and even most of my nerves from it being my first time with Ayahuasca vanished. The area was so beautiful, well maintained and I felt totally safe. In addition to that the housing was so fantastic. There were meals and activities organized for us. It seemed everything was right things at the right times.

I am working on a book that will include some of my experiences with the medicine so I won’t bother you with all that detail. However there were elements that assisted the medicine that I really enjoyed. Integration where we all shared our experiences with the medicine from the night before was a giant part of understanding the messages. Yoga classes, plant baths, delicious jungle food that is not filled with salt and so many other things some of us consume regularly. Just fantastic.

I am not exaggerating when I say all the people involved are all healers in their own way. I love respect and appreciate all of those beautiful souls. During my first time at Nimea Kaya my third ceremony was beautifully difficult. There was a Shaman that blew me away with his abilities to connect with me. It’s hard to explain here as I attempt to keep this short as possible but there are just so many sensational moments.

August 2016 and August 2017 I returned again where I have now had a total of eleven ceremonies. Honestly speaking I’m sure there are other locations that offer just as great set and setting. For me, Nimea Kaya is home. I plan on purchasing a small place in the jungle hopefully on the same property or extremely near within the coming year or two. Truly I personally love Nimea Kaya because the love felt there, the care in which they treat the medicine and how it’s organized and run.

Jill, Casey, and so many of the others working there, those who’ve volunteered are all such angels and I appreciate their care of myself and the others especially during the most vulnerable stages. There is always someone there to offer support, and if nothing else a smile. But believe me, these people do so much more.

I will return in 2019 for my fourth time and looking forward to more lessons and growth. I’ve personally said thank you on many occasions to everyone I’ve met there, so let me take a moment to say thank you all once again. I love you and thanks for being such a big part of my wonderful journey. Nimea Kaya is truly a part of me forever.

Johnathan D. Jones

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